All Pro Turf Aerification

All Pro Turf Aerification Service is designed for Commercial Projects.

Sports Facilities

Turf Aerification creates healthier, thicker and greener turf while reducing your water needs and water usage by up to 30%.

Golf Courses

The turf aerification process helps to multiply, deepen and strengthen your root growth, making your turf greener, thicker, and more durable with less water.

Let’s make it much more beautiful and green, and save 30% of your water usage at the same time.

All Pro Turf Services

Turf Aerification: the Why, the When, and the How

All Pro Turf Aerification Services specialized equipment drills and fill holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach the turf’s roots.

Providing much needed turf aerification for your turf entails dealing with thatch—which, along with compacted soil, usually lies at the heart of the matter.

The build-up of turf thatch makes it difficult for your turf to breathe. Turf aerification helps control turf thatch. The process of turf aerification is all you will need to do the job to keep your turf healthy, full, green and durable.

Turf aerification breaks up compacted soil, allowing water and fertilizer to permeate into the root zone. Turf areas submitted to constant foot traffic (or, worse, car traffic) require turf aerification more frequently than do out-of-the-way areas.

All Pro Turf Services Inc, Hanford, CA (Employees: Marcel Brazil Soares and Renee Soares) holds a Golf Course Equipment Maintenance and Repair License according to the California license board. Their BuildZoom score of 93 ranks in the top 27% of 336,931 California licensed contractors. Their license was verified as active.

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